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Howdy! My name’s Clark. I’ve been involved with the Nashville Podcasting scene since February 2013 as a B2B podcaster, content marketer and entrepreneur. In 2016 my cofounder Chuck and I started Nashville’s first B2B podcast production agency. Relationary Marketing delivers turnkey podcast production services, primarily for agencies and corporations, to a variety of clients locally and abroad. It’s also been a tool for us to give back locally to amplify the amazing stories of the Nashville Tech community.


Nashville Podcasting is my passion

In Nashville we have some of the most interesting, kind and talented people in the world. I find great joy serving at the Nashville Entrepreneur Center (EC) where I produce and co-host the Navigate Podcast. The EC is a community powered non-profit connecting entrepreneurs with critical resources to create, launch and grow businesses. I get towork around some of Nashville’s best startups and alongside a super talented team.

Additionally, I love engaging the grass-roots tech community along with our local ecosystem partners like the Nashville Software School, Nashville Technology Council, Launch Tennessee (among others).

It’s been exciting ride growing our podcast production agency Relationary.

Nashville Podcast studio and host

I’ve been podcasting since Feb 2013 and amazed by how the medium and influence continue to grow. I love the opportunity capturing stories of the people who make Nashville what it is. If you’re new to the medium or looking to find a way to work together, I’d love to hear from you!

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Nashville Podcasters community

The Nashville Podcasters meetup is an intentional community gathering — together we build momentum towards serving and helping one another grow in the medium we all love and believe in… Podcasting! Registration is free, open to any podcaster. Invite any other podcasters you know in the area and if you haven’t already, jump into our Nashville Podcasters Facebook group!

Nashville Podcasters monthly meetup