Clark Buckner

Podcasting is more than just modern, accessible storytelling

Since 2012, I’ve been utilizing a process I developed to create rich content marketing opportunities, conference promotion strategies, and one-of-a-kind relationship nurturing to facilitate authentic human connection.

I respect the medium, its artistic capabilities and rising influence

I have committed myself to helping others through my Five B2B Podcast Steps, whether it’s consulting with individuals interested in navigating their new passion for this magical medium or helping multi-million dollar corporations looking to understand (and implement) content marketing amplified by podcasting. (We’ve created a B2B podcast agency to serve this need!)

CODE2040 Laura Weidman Powers podcast techpreneurs clark buckner
Laura Weidman Powers being interviewed for Ep1 of Techpreneurs, a podcast highlighting the stories of Tech Entrepreneurs across the 7 U.S. Based Google for Entrepreneurs Tech Hubs. Photo by Walker Leigh Photography.

Downtown Nashville is where you’ll (probably) find me

It’s quite possible I was last seen at the Nashville Entrepreneur Center, probably being walked by SaaSy Pup. I serve as “podcast lead” at the EC where I’m capturing and sharing stories of the people who are shaping Nashville’s startup ecosystem. It’s also where our podcast production agency lives. If not at the EC, you’ll probably find Hope and I at our favorite neighborhood hangout (and long time client) Chago’s Cantina on Belmont Blvd.

beautiful downtown nashville skyline photo by jessica steddom
Nashville skyline overlooking the historic Trolley Barns, home to Pinewood Social, Nashville Entrepreneur Center, Center for Nonprofit Management and Emma Email Marketing. Photo by Jessica Steddom.

In Nashville, we have some of the most interesting, kind and talented people in the world. I find great joy serving at the EC. I first engaged in their 2014 Social Enterprise Accelerator when I co-founded Internpreneur. While I am no longer officially involved, it’s still alive and well. Today, I enjoy designing customized Nashville internships for the students I mentor each semester, typically 4 – 9 students throughout Nashville’s “Athens of the South” network of universities.


I can help you…


Looking to hire a talented photographer? Need search engine optimization? Writers, designers or videographers? A junior software developer? Click here to meet the “Other Bucks” (a.k.a trusted people I routinely work with and send business to).


Get handcrafted recommendations of podcasts based on your own unique interests and passions. Locally, I volunteer as much as I can in Nashville’s technology community at local events, meetups and “unconferences.” Whether you’re new to Nashville or looking to uncover some of our city’s best kept secrets, I’d love to share my favorite stories. Click here for my handcrafted podcast recommendations.


I’ve utilized my broadcast-quality mobile podcast studio in key markets like San Francisco, Baltimore, Orlando, Dallas, Charleston, Denver and Austin (and more!). We’ve worked with companies to make podcasting a key value generator for their other content marketing. Click here to learn more about B2B podcasting services.


Well hey, that makes two of us 😂 If you’d just like to connect one-on-one, I’d love to hear specifically from you and what you’re working on. Contact me.