Clark Buckner

Howdy! My name is Clark. I’m founding partner of award winning podcast production agency Relationary Marketing, and we’re based right here in beautiful Music City! We get the chance to work with mid to large sized organizations seeking to leverage podcasting in their content marketing strategies. By partnering with global PR Firms like FINN Partners, we serve dozens of clients from healthcare to technology, and brands including Jack Daniel’s. Check us out

Additionally, I love getting to work with the team at the Nashville Entrepreneur Center, a Nashville based non-profit connecting entrepreneurs with critical resources to create, launch and grow businesses. Check us out at

Having conducted over 7,000 lifetime podcast interviews and worked with over 100 clients since 2014, I’m constantly learning and growing within the industry. As lead organizer of the Nashville Podcasters meetup, it’s my passion to be working to support new and existing podcasters.


The Chase Studio

Podcasting is more than just modern, accessible storytelling

Since 2012, I’ve been utilizing a process I developed to create rich content marketing opportunities, conference promotion strategies, and one-of-a-kind relationship nurturing to facilitate authentic human connection.

I respect the medium, its artistic capabilities and rising influence

I have committed myself to helping others through my Five B2B Podcast Steps, whether it’s consulting with individuals interested in navigating their new passion for this magical medium or helping multi-million dollar corporations looking to understand (and implement) content marketing amplified by podcasting. (We’ve created a B2B podcast agency to serve this need!)

Downtown Nashville is where you’ll (probably) find me

It’s quite possible I was last seen at the Nashville Entrepreneur Center, probably being walked by SaaSy Pup. I serve as “podcast lead” at the EC where I’m capturing and sharing stories of the people who are shaping Nashville’s startup ecosystem. It’s also where our podcast production agency lives. If not at the EC, you’ll probably find Hope and I at our favorite neighborhood hangout (and long time client) Chago’s Cantina on Belmont Blvd.