Hope Cooper Buckner

Hope Cooper Buckner

About Hope: Writer passionate about nonprofit development, mentorship and women’s empowerment. Believer in collaboration, lover of people, supporter of real storytelling

Hope is my wife. I’m her husband. We’re partners on this lifelong adventure. In many instances, she is the “how” to my “wow,” and when I start to float around with big ideas that extend a bit too far out there, she dreams right alongside me, while keeping us both focused. We’re parents to SaaSy Pup and native to Good Ole Rocky Top Tennessee.

She occasionally has bandwidth to consult on communications & public relations projects, but she’s not cheap (trust me I know 😂). Her primary vertical is in the non-profit space.

She is self described as a, “A public relations junkie, dedicated writer, avid nonprofit supporter, devoted reader and TLC addict, I am a graduate of Belmont University, with a Bachelor’s Degree in public relations and education.” She’s finishing up her Masters Degree in Non-profit leadership. I’m not quite sure how she does it all!

More about Hope:

I believe in collaboration, communication and the power of a strong, well created brand. I am passionate about women’s development, mentorship and the empowerment of change agents through personal relationships and consistent communication. A storyteller by nature, I am deeply committed to the power of strong relationships among organizations and thrive on telling the stories of those around me. I am dedicated to connecting people to the passions they were created to live. Above all, I believe in people and their ability to do powerful things. 

If you would like to meet with her over Coffee (she’s loves Bongo Java on Belmont Blvd.) and geek out over public relations, communications, women’s empowerment and event management (fun fact: she coordinates weddings for “fun”) I would love to put you in touch. You can learn more about her here: Hope Cooper Buckner.